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Fri, 17-October-2008 14:13 | Internationaal nieuws
Belden introduces CATV drop cables for cable TV, satellite dish and broadband applications

Belden has introduced a series of CATV drop cables to provide CATV installers/system integrators in particular with a readily available alternative which performs to the highest industry standards. They are designed for cable TV, satellite dish technology and broadband applications, where they deliver competitive price/performance when compared to cables of a similar construction. The new commodity range comprises four of Belden’s essential and best-performing CATV cables: RG-59. RG-6, RG-6 Trishield and RC-11.

Key applications include Cable TV, Satellite dish technology and Broadband applications. As the last link to the consumer, new Belden commodity CATV drop cables are a particularly cost effective way to install cabling for broadband systems or used in TV signal distribution networks and as antenna cable for terrestrial and satellite broadcast systems.

These CATV cables are readily available alternative to products currently used in the market. Available in 305m (1000ft) continuous lengths, they are robust and durable while possessing and maintaining the high standards of electrical performance required by the application.

By simulating every known environmental and electrical performance condition Belden has time-tested these cables for quality performance and durability. This guarantees outstanding value together with reliable and trouble-free operation.

The Belden CATV drop cables are AL-PET shielded and bonded to the dielectric and have an outer braid. The latter is added to provide greater protection against interference and to increase overall tensile strength. The combination foil/braid shield combines the advantages of 100% foil coverage with the strength and low DC resistance of the braid.